Desperately trying to figure out 2D/painting while living anxiously in NY (see also 2014, 2015)

like ghosts in the snow, oil on board, 12"x12"x1
like ghosts in the snow
Oil on board, 12"x12"x1"

The House set one, oil on wood, 12.5"x12.25
Oil on wood, 12.5"x12.25"

Window (& House)
Acrylic on wall, approx. 15"x30"

Oil on panel, 5"x5" each

Window, oil on canvas, 24"x36
Oil on canvas, 24"x36"

Wake me up when my head gets numb, oil on linen, graphite, 22"x28
Oil on linen and graphite on wall,
22"x28" painting

Some kind of nausea, oil on linen, graphite, 30"x40

Some kind of nausea
Oil on linen and graphite on wall
30"x40" painting

Stranger 1, black thread on linen, 4" embroidery hoop
Stranger 1
Black thread on linen on 4" embroidery hoop

Chair, black thread on linen, 6.25"x6.25
Black thread on linen, 6.25"x6.25"
© Kei Ota